Holding Plant


Striving for sustainability

at Cumberland Valley High School

April 17, 2021
Mechanicsburg, PA

Help offset Cumberland Valley High School's paper usage by requesting a tree to be planted in your yard

Our Goals

Tree-Duce, Tree-Use, Tree-Cycle

We are students a part of Cumberland Valley’s Key Club, and we are going to be planting 372 trees on April 17th in order to offset 50% of our school’s paper usage.

We understand that as a large school, the amount of paper we use yearly can lead to unforeseen consequences in the environment. As a club, we are passionate about bringing a lasting change to our local community and want to help build a more sustainable future. To reach our goal, we are relying on you to request a tree to be planted in your yard! Each tree costs $5 and you can choose the number and type of trees that you would like. 

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Want a Tree?

Help us reach our goal of planting 372 trees by opting to receive a tree in your yard! Choose the type of tree you want and volunteers will come to your yard on April 17th to plant them. Trees are $5 and will come as saplings (18-24 inches).

Meet The Team

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CV Key Club Co-President


Our Goal



3.72 million

Sheets of Paper Replaced
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Isabella Roy

Janet Kim

CV Key Club Co-President


Our 3 Trees

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Red Maple
Eastern Redbud
Fern Plant

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