Holding Plant


Striving for sustainability

at Framingham High School

May 1st, 2020
Framingham, Massachusetts

Help offset Framingham High School's paper usage by requesting a tree to be planted in your yard

Our Goals

Tree-Duce, Tree-Use, Tree-Cycle

Each school year, Framingham High School consumes an immense amount of paper. This year, the Environmental Awareness Club is looking to give back to the environment in a new way! We have partnered with Tree-Plenish, an organization that aims to replenish the environment with lost resources.  Based on prior paper usage, our goal is to plant 210 trees in and around Framingham on May 1, 2021. If we achieve this, we would make up for all of the paper used by the school during the 2019-2020 school year!


Please consider joining us in our efforts. You can volunteer a team to help with the planting, request a tree to be planted in your yard or on your company’s property, or do both!

Support Our Mission!

Want a Tree?

Help us reach our goal of planting 210 trees by opting to receive a tree in your yard! Choose the type of tree you want and volunteers will come to your yard on May 1st to plant them. Trees are FREE and will come as saplings (18-24 inches).

Meet The Team

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Emma Rothwell

Hi! I'm a junior at Framingham High School and president of the FHS Environmental Awareness Club. In my free time, I love going on runs with my cross country team or walking my dog, Arden. The outdoors brings me and so many people health and happiness, which is why I am excited to be a part of this Tree-Plenish project.

Ella Downey.jpeg

Ella Downey

My name is Ella Downey. I am a junior at Framingham High School and I run cross country and track. Working with Tree-Plenish has been extremely interesting and I am grateful that I have been able to give back to my community through this process.

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Ms. Rebecca Maynard

Hello! I am a co-advisor of the Environmental Awareness Club at Framingham High School. I have been teaching high school science for well over a decade. I am blessed to teach and advise talented students who are passionate about protecting our environment. They inspire me every day! I love nature and one of my favorite activities is to hike with my husband and dogs. Nature truly does fuel the soul and it is so important that we do our best to preserve the beauty that surrounds us!

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Ms. Emily Rathmell

Hi! I am a co-advisor of the Environmental Awareness Club at Framingham High School. As an environmental teacher and nature lover, I strive to educate my students on the importance of preserving, appreciating and enjoying what the environment has to offer. When I’m not in the classroom, you can find me at the beach, on a trail, or somewhere else outdoors!

Our Goal



2.1 million

Sheets of Paper Replaced

Our 2 Trees

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The Environmental Awareness Club at Framingham High School

The Environmental Awareness Club at Framingham High School was founded in 2018 by a group of environmentally concerned students and faculty.  We work to bring awareness to environmental issues through education and outreach. Our club members meet with various school leadership teams to develop and implement more sustainable options in our district and with community members to help improve the health of the environment in Framingham. It is our hope that if we continue to educate students, staff, and community members about the impact their choices have on the environment we will inspire positive changes that will lead to a brighter tomorrow.

Trees and Mountains

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