Building Sustainable Communities by Leveraging the Power of Youth

Our Mission

Tree-Duce, Tree-Use, Tree-Cycle

From notes to homework to worksheets, schools consume a lot of paper. Tree-Plenish's mission is to create more sustainable schools by replenishing the environment with these lost resources. Through student-led events, Tree-Plenish is able to plant trees in the community based on approximations of school paper usage.

We also believe there is power in community. Our platform gives student leaders the opportunity to harness this power and enact meaningful environmental change. 

What We Do

Student Leaders plan an event in their community with a target number of trees they want to plant based on the paper their school has used. 

Members of the community sign up to volunteer to plant trees on the day of the event or sign up to request a tree to be planted in their yard.

On the day of the event, teams of volunteers plant trees in the yards of people who requested them.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Our top priority is the health and safety of the volunteers, homeowners, and communities that we are serving. All Tree-Plenish events will follow strict safety guidelines to ensure that we do not contribute to the spread of COVID-19.


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Why We Need Trees

Trees Help Us Breathe

  1.  One tree provides a day's worth of oxygen for four people

  2. A mature tree absorbs 48 pounds of CO2 a year

  3. In Chicago, trees removed 18,000 tons of pollutants a year

* North Carolina State University (1), Arbor Day Foundation (2), US Forest Service (3)

Trees Reduce Climate Change

  1. A mature tree can absorb the pollutants from a car driven 26,000 miles

  2. In 2017, American vegetation absorbed 11% of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions

* Arbor Day Foundation (1), Environmental Protection Agency (2)

Trees Save Money & Energy

  1. Trees have two to five times return on investment for towns

  2. Well placed trees reduce air conditioning needs by 30%

  3. Mature trees can increase property value by up to 20%

* US Forest Service (1,2,3)