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We believe in building a sustainable future by giving back what we take.

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We are committed to channeling the power of youth to create meaningful change.


We value the strength of a local community coming together to take action.

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Our History

After noticing the amount of paper that was used at their local public high school in Massachusetts, two students decided that they wanted to replenish the environment with the resources that their school has taken. They set out with a goal to plant 230 trees in the local community - the number required to make up for their school's paper consumption during the 2018-2019 academic year. 

The tree-planting event was a major success. The community came together to plant over 330 trees, exceeding the initial goal! After spreading to other towns and working with environmental advocacy groups, Tree-Plenish is ready to expand its mission to high schools around the country!

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A community effort to increase sustainability.