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Sapling Resources 

What are bare
root saplings?

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To learn more about bare root saplings, click here

Saplings come as bare root saplings. This means that they are dormant until they are planted and typically bloom 4-6 weeks after being planted. The saplings will take a little more time to establish compared to potted plants because they are dormant when shipped. 

Where to plant your saplings


Things to Consider:

Sun / Shade: How much sun do different areas in your yard get? Most trees prefer full sunlight (~6 hours of direct sunlight), but some tolerate partial shade:​

  • Wood’s Rose Tree

  • Oregon Hawthorn 

  • Oregon Ash

  • Red-Osier Dogwood 

  • Pin Oak

  • Sweetgum 

  • Paper Birch 

  • Eastern Redbud 

  • Red Maple 

  • Size / Shape: Visualize how tall and wide your tree will get when it is mature. Will it fit and look good in your yard?

  • Soil: Ensure the soil preference of your tree matches the soil type of your yard.

  • More information about specific plant species can be found on your event webpage

  • Avoid planting directly next to a building or overhead power lines

  • Know what pipes are in the ground (call Digsafe if you are unsure)​​

How to plant your saplings

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Watch the Arbor Day Foundation's video on planting a sapling

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Read pages 2 & 3 of the sapling care guide

How to care for your saplings

  • Don’t use fertilizer or new soil until at least 4 weeks 

  • Mulch is helpful to cover the top layer of the section where you planted the sapling

  • Water new plants until they grow leaves or start budding

  • Never let new plants dry out, but don’t over water them​

To learn more about caring for your saplings, click here

  • Be Patient: it may take around 4-6 weeks before you start seeing growth!

  • You most likely do not need to stake them unless you are in a windy place, remove stake after a year

  • Read pages 3 to 6 of the sapling care guide

Or click here to learn more about soil conditions

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