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Tree-Plenish Summer Internship

Make an impact in your community!

Empower high school students to create a more sustainable future through tree-planting events that offset their school's energy consumption. Planning happens throughout the school year and all of the tree-planting events take place in the Spring. Gain experience in marketing, event management, and leadership! Click the button below to learn what it means to be a Tree-Plenish college chapter.

Get Involved

During the beginning of the school year, college chapters will recruit high schools near them to host tree-planting events. These events come at no cost to the colleges or the high schools. As a college chapter, you will learn how to help the high schools students market and plan their event through training sessions with members of the Tree-Plenish national team. The national organization will provide you with the resources and guidance you need to succeed, including chat support, virtual office hours, an event webpage, marketing materials, and supplying saplings for the event. Colleges are there to help these high school's succeed, while gaining valuable experience and improving the sustainability of your local community.

This is also a perfect project for your college environmental clubs too!


Event Planning Timeline

The 5 Phases
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The Tree-Plenish National Organization is here to support you throughout this recruitment process!

College Chapters recruit high schools to host tree-planting events.

September - October

The event organizing begins. High schools pick event dates, tree goals are set, and marketing strategies are discussed.

October - November

Work with us and your recruited high schools to ensure organizing process is starting off strong!


We launch event marketing. The National Organization will publish event websites and launch tree request forms for the high schools.

Late December

You don't have to worry about creating the website. We have that covered for you!


Students market their events to community members to request trees or to volunteer to plant trees on the day of the event.

January - March

Increase awareness by asking members of your community to order a sapling or volunteer. Be there to support your high school's during this time.


If possible, visit events to volunteer and take pictures.

The National Organization will close the tree request forms, order the trees, and ship them to the high schools. In April and May the events occur and trees are planted!

Late March

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