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Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy
Saginaw, MI

The Environmental Club at Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy in Saginaw, Michigan is led by a passionate group of individuals who strive to spread environmental awareness in their community. Saginaw has a great sense of community, but “with the pandemic, they've been hit really hard with high numbers and overflowing hospitals.” The club emphasizes how they hope to use the school's tree-planting event as a way to restore that sense of community, getting not just the school involved, but everyone.

When asked what the tree planting event means to them, president Alyssa Hernandez states how “something small like this can lead to something big in the future.” This event will give these students an opportunity to make their community not only look better but also allow them to take a step towards the larger issue of paper consumption. The students at SASA hope to be able to see these trees grow in their environment and know that they are taking a stride towards combating the environmental issues in the world.

Since the pandemic hit, “school funding has been nonexistent.” There is a lack of resources within the school when they try to develop unique events such as these. According to Hernandez, the funding received from the Environmental Equity fund has been really critical and beneficial. Many people are not willing to give the money, yet “the Environmental Equity fund is set in stone and perfect” and has assisted in getting to where they are now with their event– reaching their goal of 30 saplings. 

To Hernandez sustainability “isn’t about perfection, it’s more about progress.” She and her team strive to do the most they can do as a school and a club to make an impact on the environment. The extra assistance from Tree-Plenish through the Equity Fund has made it possible for these students to tackle the environmental issues in their community. 

If you are interested in supporting Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy’s Tree-Plenish event, please check out their event webpage here.

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