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Research Topics

Thoughtfully Sustainable 

Understand the fundamental science principles that guide sustainable living practices and foster the knowledge of our interconnectedness with the natural world with STEM lessons and nature activities to strengthen the critical thinking skills of your learners, making connections to real-world events and incorporating key aspects of sustainability science.

Connecting to Nature 

These following resources provide a deeper look into the importance of connecting deeply with nature. They also allow for the reflection on social, cultural, economic, and cognitive influences that shape one's relationship with nature. 

Indigenous Perspectives​

It is important to recognize that we exist and operate on the ancestral unceded lands of Native American peoples. Indigenous communities had a profound understanding of their relationship with the natural world, including forests and trees. This has too often been left unacknowledged in traditional environmentalist and conservationist spaces.

Environmental Justice 

Marginalized and oppressed groups are at a greater risk of harm from environmental degradation. Many societal power dynamics such as race, gender, and nationality contribute to these unequal effects. This field of environmental science explores the implications of climate change, pollution, and other issues with a focus on systemic and societal inequality.

Current Event Update 

The Maui Wildfires 
On August 8th, four wildfires started in Maui, Hawaii. These are the deadliest fires in the US in the last century, putting wildlife and human lives at risk. Learn more about these fires and more @treeplenish on Instagram. 
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