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5 Ways to Take Action in Your Community

1. Email everyone and anyone. One of the biggest things I've learned working for Tree-Plenish is that one single email can go a long way. You don't lose anything by asking, and it's a great first step if you're not sure how to approach someone in person. Who should you email? People in your community is a good way to start. You can email your local sustainability board, mayor, or superintendent, who will likely direct you to the right person to talk to. You can also email professionals in your field of interest, your favorite organizations, or even authors. Someone told me once that writers actually are the most likely to check their email because they want to talk to people! As a tip, you can write out an email template that you customize to every person, naming one to two reasons why you are reaching out to them in particular.

2. Ask local businesses. When I started writing for my school newspaper, I was honestly surprised how many people were willing to do an interview with us. You can start with an interview with these local businesses, develop a connection, then pitch your idea. Or you can pitch your idea through an interview, such as interviewing an ice cream shop about their thoughts on sustainability. Even if the business themselves can't help you with your initiative, you can always ask to publish the interview with them alongside whatever campaign you're running.

3. Spread the word on social media. People particularly love events, classes, something where they personally benefit in addition to helping the community. For example, you can host a free event learning about plants, where everyone at the end gets to take one home. This is a great way to increase interest in whatever cause you're passionate about! Post these on social media through group chats you're in, or as a post on Instagram to your followers. If the event is in-person, it's best to first get the word out to people you already know in real life.

4. Do programs. An amazing first step towards making a difference is through programs that will guide you along the way. At Tree-Plenish, we provide materials, videos, and support to help you plan a tree-planting event in your community. You can work with a team or start clubs to participate in these programs just by signing up! Programs can help keep you on track towards your goal, as well as certain resources that will help things run smoothly.

5. Start your own program! Starting your own program in your community (or even beyond that) can seem daunting, but is ultimately a great way to reach longer-term goals. You can use any of the tips above to help you start a program, but what exactly should you start? Well, it's important to remember intersectionality. For example, Enapter, working to popularize green hydrogen as an energy source, used economic knowledge and decided to market it as a household commodity. Something else I love is education, because it's probably a space you're familiar with if you're a student. Maybe start a weekly class teaching about your topic, guiding others to make a difference as well. Then it becomes a domino effect of change!


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Avery Van
Avery Van
Mar 04

These are great ways to get involved in my community!

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