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February Newsletter

Welcome back to the best day of the month! No, not just because the groundhog declared that spring is coming soon (but that’s great for all our upcoming tree-planting events!)—it’s because you get to read all the environmental content we’ve put together for you. We’re going to be introducing some exciting opportunities, for those hosting a Tree-Plenish event, that are coming soon. For those of you who couldn’t host an event this year, don’t worry because we’ll highlight some contests you can participate in as well!

We hope that you’re getting ready to host your events in a few months. If there’s someone in your community that is going above and beyond for Tree-Plenish then you should nominate a Tree-Person with this link

Are you looking to take on a new project that will help your community? Then you should look into the Water Monitor Project. This organization is powered by student scientists around the world who are testing and advocating for safe water. All you have to do is order a water testing kit online, and commit to uploading monthly results. From there the project will aid you in ways to advocate for your community. 


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