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Green Matters NJ Partnership

We are so thankful to be partnered with Green Matters NJ! They are a great organization that is working in New Jersey. Founded by a small group of women who wanted to turn their passion about the environment into real impact. They are accomplishing this by funding high-school age students who are developing projects to address the most critical environmental issues. If you’re interested in applying for one of their grants, check out their website. Recently, they have expanded to environmental education for younger children.

We’re excited to say that Green Matters contributed $2,000 to aid a Tree-Plenish event in New Jersey. Alanya Friedman applied for the grant to provide trees, and tree protection to her community. We’re so proud of Alanya for taking the initiative to apply and to submit a great application. 

The goals of Green Matters and Tree-Plenish are aligned in our vision for youth leading the environmental movement. Thank you again to Green Matters and good luck to Alanya for her event! 


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Avery Van
Avery Van
Mar 08

Awesome partnership!

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