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June 2024 Newsletter

All schools have finished planting their trees this year for a total of 15,712 saplings! Thank you to everyone who helped plant trees this year! We’d love to hear your feedback on how your event went, so we can keep improving. Make sure to fill out the feedback forms. 

We’re so excited to be welcoming our summer interns this week! We can’t wait to see how their hard works pays off. We hope everyone has a great summer.

If you want to support Tree-Plenish after your event, please consider donating to our national organization. Our organization navigates all the technical issues behind getting the thousands of saplings across the nation! We manage our web-pages, answer your questions through EZ Texting, provide materials to help you plan events, find the tree vendors that fit your environment, and a lot more! We also grant funds to underserved communities through our Environmental Equity Committee with your donations.

Tree-Person of the month 

Our Tree-Person of the month is Beth Andrews! She is always there to support her students, even when they don’t ask. She always inspires her students to take environmental action in the community. 

You can nominate someone from your school to be the Tree-Person of the Month with this link


Are you looking for a path to make your home more eco-friendly? Then you should check out this e-book written by Waste Free Planet. This ebook includes tips for how to conserve water and energy inside your home, awesome eco-swaps, plastic free swaps, great DIYs, and more. Along with the tips, there are worksheets to help you keep track of everything. You can check out the website here for the ebook, and for lots of content on sustainable lifestyles.


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