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Hey everyone,

Since we’re getting closer and closer to the events we wanted to give you some advice and maybe a little inspiration for keeping your tree requests coming. In this blog post we’ll share different ways in which our top performing schools are marketing their event and encouraging people to request trees.

The advice we hear the most from schools is that local Facebook groups are a great place to spread awareness for the event. You can either enter these groups yourself or ask your parents to help advertise, but either way these Facebook groups are a powerful outlet to reach your community. If you’re more comfortable using Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, feel free to advertise there too. Another great idea is a social media blast. All of your members can post the same thing only their Instagram stories at the same time. If your peers see that you are involved, they’ll be more likely to volunteer their time or request a tree. Masconomet High School used the idea of a social media blast to increase their reach. By having multiple people from your club, high school or community post the same message at the same time, the number of people who will view your post is much greater than just posting from one account.

Another great idea came from Barrington High School where they chose to host an information session on Zoom where they met with community members to discuss the event. They invited administrators from every school in their district, other community leaders, service and conservation organizations, school clubs, and local newspapers. Now, each of these groups are aware of the event and can use their influence to bring in more tree requests and volunteers. Local bloggers and other media outlets love to write about student-led events so they’re another great group to reach out to. After the meeting, follow up with an email including your Tree-Plenish website link.

Lastly, if you’re looking for fresh content to help you market the event and spread the word, there are lots of pre-made Canva templates to help you out. In addition, refer back to the bulk ordering message in the #ideas channel. If you haven’t sent that out yet, now is a great time to. Consider sending this email to local elementary schools, they often have lots of field space to play in and love to participate in COVID-safe community events like yours. As a reminder, be sure to send the link to your Tree-Plenish site after reaching out to any of these groups.


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