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Mental Health and Nature

Updated: Mar 8

As we enter the colder months, we must remember to take time to step outside into the cold air to enjoy and cherish our environment. There are numerous benefits to being out in nature for your mind and body. 


This may seem like common sense, but being outside is scientifically proven to enhance your mood, along with your productivity and your sleep cycle. In hand, helping nature can also boost your mood. Apart from simply providing us a habitat, our environment gives us a plethora of mental benefits that we may not even realize.


People who are more connected with nature tend to have a more positive mindset. Gardening and appreciating your environment are two ways you can ground yourself and create ties with Mother Nature. Along with connections, when we are outside, our imagination flourishes, allowing us to hone in on creative practices, such as painting or crocheting. 


Seeing a clean environment, that of green spaces or untouched forests, also has a therapeutic effect. These unlittered spaces give us a tranquil feeling and can decrease our stress levels, while seeing litter and grime in other areas can raise our stress levels. Additionally, getting enough sunlight is essential to maintaining your sleep cycle. Standing in natural light for approximately five to ten minutes per day has been proven to not only assist sleep but also productivity, health, and mood.  


Helping nature also has been proven to improve people’s mindset. When the world seems as though it is crumbling, when you know that you’ve done something to help it can make you more content with yourself. Along with this, seeing an impact you’ve made, such as planting trees, creating a community compost bin, or other impacts in your community, can make you feel in control, and can have even greater impacts within your environment. Air pollution in urban environments is linked to anxiety in people, so being a part of the movement to fix this can make you feel content and less anxious.


Nature is a crucial part of our daily life. Our environment is what provides us nutrients, beauty, life, comfort, and protection. Appreciating our surroundings, even if just for a few minutes a day, can greatly enhance our productivity and positivity. Take some time to step outside and breathe in the autumn air!



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