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TeamPlanting Partnership

Updated: Feb 12

We are excited to announce our partnership with TeamPlanting! Their organization is crafting meaningful jewelry that ignites conversations. TeamPlanting is more than a jewelry brand; it’s a movement towards reforestation. Their crystal bracelets not only elevate aesthetics but also contribute to the preservation of our delicate ecosystems, because for every bracelet purchased, they pledge to plant one tree. How does TeamPLanting plant these trees? Through partnerships with One Tree Planted and the Eden Project. In addition to this goal, when you use the code TREE-PLENISH10, you will receive 10% off and a portion of profits will go to support our organization!

The importance of transparency and accountability is understood by TeamPlanting. That’s why, with every purchase, they provide customers with a personalized certificate. Each certificate comes with a unique ID, allowing you to trace the area you’ve contributed to. That way, they’re connecting you directly to the positive change you’re making in the world. The Tree-Plenish partnership with TeamPlanting is a way to contribute to national reforestation to do our part in restoring and enhancing natural landscapes. This new collaboration is a commitment to create a future where humans and the environment can thrive together. If you’d like to support this partnership please visit their website to view the products available.


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