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Thoughts on the Nature and Current State of Recycling

In a world where overproduction and overconsumption are normalized, we have banded together to find a band-aid solution— recycling. Burning piles of trash have significantly increased the presence of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, accelerating the rate of global warming; the process of recycling was developed to break down plastics, papers, and other materials and use them to make new products to reduce waste. While the theory behind recycling is formidable, putting the idea into widespread use has been difficult due to cost and logistical barriers; these barriers could include a lack of funding for curbside recycling pickup?

My high school and many others across the country encourage students to recycle and put out recycling bins, yet many do not have the facilities to properly send the waste to recycling centers; schools are allocating their money without much regard for the importance of recycling. This widespread deception has inhibited our ability to preserve the environment and make the most of the resources we have. It is crucial that our legislators are made aware of the lack of sufficient regulation in recycling practices so that they can drive change in our cities, schools, and communities; researching and reaching out to local state groups and legislators to describe the issues with the current recycling system will encourage them to take action.


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