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What are City Forest Credits?

Updated: Mar 24

A carbon credit is a tradable certificate representing one ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) removed or avoided. To earn credits for CO2 removal, organizations register their project with a carbon registry, plant trees, and receive third-party verified credits based on the trees health and growth at periodic intervals. So you might be wondering how can carbon credits apply to me? 

The answer is City Forest Credits, a national nonprofit carbon registry and certification organization dedicated to urban forests. Buyers can purchase verified City Forest Carbon Credits to offset their emissions and contribute to trees for communities. Carbon Credits essentially create a market for people and companies to profit off of making positive environmental strides for our planet. The following graphic from City Forest Credits visually explains a bit more about how this process works as a whole.

Visit this website to learn more about how City Forest Credits is working towards incentivizing greener practices, while reforesting cities and enriching communities across the country. 


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