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Our Mission

Our Stats to Date

91,688 Total Saplings Planted (2020-23)

528 Total Schools (2020-23)

8,336 Total Volunteers (2020-23)



Tree-Plenish is committed to fostering constructive environmental and social change. We strive to educate the students that participate in our tree planting events about sustainability and climate justice. We want our events to spark new conversations and inspire students to continue making change in their communities. 

Through collaboration, we aim to pass on the torch of environmental leadership on to new leaders in sustainability! 

Past Team Members

Meet some of the people that have made Tree-Plenish what it is today! 

Sethu Odayappan

  • Past Executive Director & Co-Founder

Lizzy Elsner

  • Past Executive Director & Co-Founder

Justin Miller

  • Past Director of Technology 

Matt Katz

  • Past Director of Operations

Caroline Sprenkle 

  • Past Director of Strategy & Communications 

Cynthia Wang

  • Past Director of Technology  

Sayaru Manikandan

  • Past Director of Mentorship 

Looking Ahead 

We can't wait to continue expanding Tree-Plenish events to more schools across the country and keep empowering students to create more sustainable and equitable communities! We also plan to continue growing our internship program and expanding access to our tree planting events through our Environmental Equity Fund. Check out the rest of our website to learn more about these programs! 


Past Event Seasons

Tree-Plenish History (3).png
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