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The Environmental Equity Committee

Mission Statement

We are committed to advancing environmental justice by making community planting events more accessible to all regardless of income or race.




This committee caters to urban and/or low-income communities in hopes of helping them achieve successful tree planting events in areas with marginal tree coverage. 


Moreover, we aim to increase geographic and ethnic diversity within the Tree-Plenish team to ensure representation across the board. 

Please consider donating to help support this fund. 

Issues Addressed

Low-income, urban, and BIPOC communities have significantly lower quantities of green spaces within their neighborhoods in comparison to more affluent neighborhoods. Moreover, low-income/BIPOC students may not have the same access to resources, school support, and/or leadership opportunities as their white counterparts.

Where does Tree-Plenish's Environmental Equity Committee come in? 

The Environmental Equity Fund

This fund supports schools in urban and low-income communities that believe financial status may hinder the success of their events. During our 2021-22 event season, $20,020 was distributed to 51 schools and funded the planting of 3,629 saplings.

Read below for information on some of our recipient schools.


 It means more than donating a tree, it’s donating a green space for everyone to enjoy.

- Student from Casco Bay High School (Maine)

Read more about their experience with the Environmental Equity Committee here.

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We are all just visitors [on this planet], sustainability is about being a good guest.

- Gabrielle Tenn, American History High School (New Jersey)

Read more about their experience with the Environmental Equity Committee here.

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