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April Newsletter

Updated: May 3

Tree-Plenish tip! Reach out to your local news to see if they want to cover your event. This will help you gain more attention in your community and help grow your events. 

As you complete your events make sure to submit photos to us by emailing them to this email: We want to share your photos with the Tree-Plenish community! 

Tree-Plenish Person of the Month

Our Tree-Person for the month of April is Emily Dodge from Cedar Creek High School! Emily helped plan her school's events. Their school kicked off the Tree-Plenish event season! They planted 536 saplings! We are so excited to get this year's 2024 event season underway.

You can nominate someone from your school to be the Tree-Person of the Month with this link!


We’re so excited to have our own group in GenSea! This is a place where Tree-Plenish members can connect with each other and other young environmentalists. If you want to join our group, please fill out this form. Read more about this opportunity on our blog.


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