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Give n' Glow: A Glowing Organization

We’d love to introduce you to Give n’ Glow, a 501(c)3 non-profit operating in Boston, Massachusetts. This is a great organization that is empowering women to show their uniqueness with confidence in their true beauty. Their mission is to redefine the beauty industry and encourage underserved women who deserve to have more than the bare minimum of beauty care. 

Their programs and initiatives focus on providing affordable, high-quality makeup, skincare, and hair care products to women, giving them the tools to feel beautiful and deserving of self-care, regardless of their circumstances. Give n’ Glow is able to redirect new and gently-used beauty and hygiene products sourced from brands, influencers, and donors to the people who need them most. Their streamlined process ensures the safety of the women using the gently used products. Their donor network provides essential support to women in need. This helps divert beauty products from waste channels. It’s important to look for creative ways to reduce waste in all industries! Especially for the beauty industry, because products are difficult to recycle. 

Beauty also has a significant impact on mental health, particularly among underserved women. Give n’ Glow aims to  support their well-being and foster a positive self-image, addressing not only physical needs, but also mental wellness and empowerment. Give n’ Glow strives to go beyond beauty products, and go into the well being of the people who use their services. With help from amazing people, Give n’ Glow has been able to collect 575 pounds of product, and aid 362 women as of 2024. If you’re interested in supporting this awesome organization, check out their website.


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