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May Newsletter

Are you looking to get more involved in Tree-Plenish after hosting an awesome event this semester? Then you should apply for a summer internship with us! We have a ton of different roles open for all interests. You should check out this link to learn about the different areas of Tree-Plenish. This is a volunteer internship, and we expect the workload to be about 5 hours a week. The deadline to fill out this Google Form is May 17th at 11:59PM EST. Please make sure to keep an eye on your email. Interviews will be conducted the following week May 19th-25th. You will receive an email about our decision on May 27th and we will have our first meeting on that following weekend. 

Have photos from your Tree-Plenish event? Make sure to send them to, by sending in your photos, you are entering to win 1 of 3 $25 Visa gift cards.

If you want to support Tree-Plenish after your event, please consider donating to our national organization. Our organization navigates all the technical issues behind getting the thousands of saplings across the nation! We manage our website, answer your questions through EZ Texting, provide materials to help you plan events, find the tree vendors that fit your environment, and a lot more! We also grant funds to underserved communities through our Environmental Equity Committee with your donations.

Tree-Person of the Month

Our Tree-Person for the month of May is Diana Sciandra from GreenWood Charter School! She is an overwhelming force for good within her school and community. Diana facilitated communications with Tree-Plenish and helped her students plan a celebratory day to distribute saplings to their community. They have been recognized by their local newspaper and EL Education, and it is all due to her hard work! In addition to her dedication to Tree-Plenish Diana gets the students and teachers outside every day, planting gardens, celebrating nature, and learning how to be conservationists.

You can nominate someone from your school to be the Tree-Person of the Month with this link


Check out Give and Glow! They're a non-profit based in Boston, Massachusetts that is diverting waste from the beauty industry by donating new and gently used products to underserved women. Check out our blog on this awesome organization here.


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