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March Newsletter

Fun fact: March 4th (march forth) is the only date that works as a stand-alone sentence! Spring is approaching, and Tree-Plenish is getting ready for our first tree-planting events this school year. This means that the Northern Hemisphere is ready to see greenery and florals soon, which will definitely brighten your mood. To learn more, read this article about plants and mental health on our new Tree-Plenish blog! 

We launched a blog for climate news, tips on advocating, and how you can be a better environmentalist! Make sure to check for updates and new articles. We hope you are as excited as we are to kick off this event season! You can check out our website for resources on how to help your saplings here. It has lots of great tips for where to place your saplings, and how to plant and care for your saplings. 

Tree-Person of the Month

 Our Tree-Person for the Month of March is Mr. Collier from North Penn High School! Mr. Collier is passionate about Tree-Plenish and teaching about how trees can affect our environment. He inspires his students to lead projects, educate others, and adopt sustainable habits within their own lives. North Penn would not be the same without him!

You can nominate someone from your school to be the Tree-Person of the month with this link!


This month we are excited to announce that one of our partners, Green Matters, contributed $2,000 to aid a Tree-Plenish event in New Jersey. Alanya Friedman, one of our outreach interns, applied for a grant to provide saplings and event supplies for her community. To learn more about how New Jersey students can apply for grant funding or more about the work that Green Matters is doing check out our blog post here!

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