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What is a 'Skip the Stuff' Ordinance?

We’ve all been there, ordering take-out after a long day or for a party or just because we’re craving our favorite restaurant. You take the bag of food home, and inside the bag are lots of paper napkins, plasticware, and little condiment packs for sauces that are already in the fridge. Overtime, these plastic utensils and single-use materials really add up. So, what can we do about it? 

There are actually rules being implemented around the nation for food service locations to stop putting these single-use plastics in takeout, unless it’s requested by the customer. It’s a really easy fix that will keep lots of plastic out of landfills and our environment. As the popularity of take-away meals rises, this rule matters now more than ever!

If this is not a rule where you live here are a couple of ways you can limit your plastic waste. First, you can put in the delivery instructions to omit any plastic cutlery, napkins, or sauce packets that you don’t want. Secondly, you can advocate for a ‘Skip the Stuff’ rule in your hometown. You can also use Upstream’s tool kit to see how you can reduce plastic waste in your community. 


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