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What is Greenwashing?

Updated: Feb 23

Greenwashing is a deceptive marketing practice utilized by over 54% of corporations across North America, Asia, and Europe to promote a false image of environmental sustainability, while continuing to pollute the environment. Many consumers are willing to spend more to purchase items from environmentally conscious businesses, but this deceiving marketing tactic oftentimes results in people giving even more money to these unethical companies. Therefore, as lovers of the Earth, we must be wary of the “Seven Sins of Greenwashing" which include: hidden trade-offs, no proof, vagueness, worshiping false labels, irrelevance, lesser of two evils, and fibbing. 

Learning about environmental certifications and their meanings in regards to the sustainability of goods, as well as researching the pollution rates and production methods of businesses before purchasing their product can prevent these corporations from capitalizing off of consumers' genuine desire to help the environment. If you want to look into environmental certifications, check out this website. Also, the regulation of greenwashing at the policy level should be strengthened, as our government has the ability to prevent corporations from using false or misleading marketing tactics. The existing regulation in place is too lenient, as companies are still getting away with marketing their products as sustainable without much of a basis for those claims. 

We are all victims of greenwashing and must take the steps to educate others about its use across industries to prevent continued threats to our environment.



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